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ғreelance peѕcaтarιan creaтιve deepenιng мy υnderѕтandιng oғ ѕelғ&тнe υnιverѕe
— shiva kay

yup. named after THAT Shiva. My philosopher, journalist and actor father clearly had high hopes. After several phases and career changes, I decided to pursue freelance modelling full time 3 years ago when I walked away from my Marketing Specialist position and I haven't looked back. I've had the chance to work and connect with amazing souls and have grown tremendously. Art is subjective and I believe the most pure art form is that of the human body, each curve and dips and "flaws" are masterpieces. With each project and photoshoot, I challenge myself and take the experience as an opportunity to tell a story, to embody a character and reach you(the viewer) behind the lens.