My name is Shiva.

Summer 2017. Gaspésie Quebec.                           Photographed by Nicolas Bourque 



yup. named after THAT Shiva. My philosopher, journalist and actor father clearly had high hopes. After several phases and career changes, I decided to pursue freelance modelling full time 3 years ago when I walked away from my Marketing Specialist position and I haven't looked back. I've had the chance to work and connect with amazing souls and have grown tremendously. Art is subjective and I believe the most pure art form is that of the human body, each curve and dips and "flaws" are masterpieces. With each project and photoshoot, I challenge myself and take the experience as an opportunity to tell a story, to embody a character and reach you(the viewer) behind the lens.



photographed by Jeff S.


ART NUDE& Creatives


Photographed by James Robert Lee



Photographed by BENCK for LEDAH 


Acting/Brand Personality-Ambassador



Photographed by Samantha Clarke



Photographed by Andre W


Teacher Nic-5.jpg


Photographed by OVi


Personal note 

Those who know me on a personal level can easily describe me as a “be thankful there is a glass” type of person. Positive, bubbly, honest and perhaps a bit of a dreamer (though never naive, don’t confuse the two), I’m fearless when it comes to stepping out of my comfort zone, because let’s face it – that’s usually where the magic happens when it comes to self-discovery and growth. When we find ourselves in obscure situations, we tend to learn many of our valuable life lessons. I am a Wellness enthusiast with a long term goal of traveling the world and helping people. I am passionate mostly about human connection, oneness, holistic health ,nutrition, current events, entrepreneurship and connecting people with their conscious inner-G. 


Thank you for taking the time to read this. Wherever you are this very moment, I hope you are living your full authentic life.

                  Shiva Kay